Soji – an indian dessert

I know there are lots of soji recipes out there but none taste as delish as this!

Here is what you need and what you need to do to get it right:

250g butter (you can use margarine)
1 cup tasty wheat or semolina
1 tin condensed milk
4 eggs
2 1/4 cups milk
A few drops yellow colouring
1 tsp ground elachi
1 elachi
1 cinnamon stick


Whisk milk, eggs and colouring – leave aside.

Melt butter in pot and let braise with elachi and cinnamon until a light brown colour. Then add the semolina and mix properly -let cook until mixture looks a pale brownish colour.

Add egg mixture carefully making sure the eggs don’t cook. If you want you can remove the pot off the stove and then add in the egg mixture. Stir continuously, the mixture will thicken and begin to dry (its ready when you see the mixture pulling away from the sides of the pot). Now add the condensed milk. The mixture will look wet again but will dry off quickly. Don’t let the mixture get dry as it will continue to dry when you take it off the at. Add the ground elachi and taste the soji – if it’s not sweet enuf add 2Tbl in first, mix, taste and add more if necessary.

If you find that your soji is a bit dry – add in a tiny bit of milk. Top with nuts and cream and serve.


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