Hey guys,

Hi guys,

I haven’t been adding new stuff for a while and I have been asked by a few when this was going to happen…

Well, it has been a bit of madness on my side – the fasting period is over and so is Eid. 

Between my stuff and my orders I managed to make about 11 kilos of biscuits including being decorated – sore hands, sore hands! I did try my hand at henna inspired cookies – such beautiful little biscuits – you dont really want to eat it – but indulge… hmmm…. pics of these will follow soon.

I managed to make sweetmeats (burfi, chana magaj, coconut ice and julab jamun (indian donut), cupcakes and lamingtons.

Now that August is quiet I thought I should try and catch up and pass on some new and fun ideas.

September, cupcakes of hope happens – which is a charity that sells cupcakes to help kids with cancer and yes, this year I have committed to making some yummy cuppies. I will be sure to post some pics of my mass of cupcakes. Fun times!

Now, where shall I begin – I have so much that I would love to share with you… not my recipes so I can’t really take credit for them but I will give credit where it is due and the whole reason for my blog is to share tried and tested recipes with you!

Until next time…








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