I am sure you are wondering what on earth I am talking about – haymakers! really!

This recipe I searched for on the internet but didn’t find anything – well anything that came up close to what this recipe is all about. I ate these at a family members home and it was so delicious that I had to ask for the recipe (I couldn’t stop thinking about them and I so wanted more…) hmmmm….

So, I got the recipe and it didn’t turn out the way it should have. Before I even continue let me describe this little piece of decadence to you. A haymaker is a cross between a cake and a biscuit base (more biscuit) with a coconut topping. When I first ate them it was more of soft biscuit topped with an icing (sort of).

Anyway, when I made these the topping didn’t seem to be anything like the one I had and I didn’t get much detail about the method so I went about it my own way… I ended up baking the entire thing – icing and all!!! It turned out great and I got people asking for the recipe – lol.

I tried making this recipe again today and for some reason the icing was as it should’ve been. So I baked the basefto cool then press on the icing. I think I need a larger tray so it makes a slightly thinner biscuit. But hey it still tastes great!

Now  you have the choice of baking the topping or not. Both taste great…

For the base:
250g margarine
3/4 cup castor sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 Tblsp cocoa

Mix all the above ingredients into a soft dough and press into a baking sheet/tray.

125g margarine
1 cup icing sugar
1 tin condensed milk
5 cups coconut (dessicated)

Mix the above ingredients and spread over the dough.

Bake until the topping is a light golden color. Remove from oven and slice. Leave to cool in tray then remove and pack into a container. It’s not the prettiest and you can drizzle some melted chocolate over if you want to be fancy but really no need. It’s just yummy all on its own… drool!!! 🙂

I will be very interested to see what you think of these. Go on, get baking!

Note: the pictures uploaded will be of the uncooked topping. The recipe and process remains the same for both versions.


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