Party cupcakes (how to)

Ok, so I was sooo chuffed when I challenged myself to something I had never done before.

For one, I wanted to do something for charity and 2 I just love baking!

I baked 100 cupcakes and to tell you the truth it was actually easier than it seemed. I baked all 100 vanilla and chocolate decorated in vanilla frosting was the rabbits and chocolate frosting covered with marshmallow flowers and a worm going through it and some with a sugar topper.


For the vanilla cupcakes I used the recipe from Mel’s kitchen (always difficult to find a good vanilla cupcake recipe). I have to say that I did try the recipe from the Joy of Baking a week later and it was pretty good!

For the chocolate cupcakes I used a chocolate cake recipe that is pretty simple and stays soft and yummy for at least a week.

How to make rabbit cupcakes:
Bake and cool your cupcakes. You will need:

Vanilla frosting
Pink & White peanut sweets (or mini marshmallows)
Gel writing pen
Choc chips

Frost cupcakes with vanilla frosting and dip in coconut making sure all of the frosting is covered.

Place 2 choc chips close to each other. Use the gel pen for a nose and whiskers and 2 either pink or white similar size peanut sweets for da mouth.

Cut the marshmallows in 3 width ways and pierce with an extra thin pretzel stick. Dip the marshmallow (sticky side down) into the sprinkles and place them at the top end of the cupcake.

That’s it! Rabbit cupcakes done!

Marshmallow flowers:


Cut the marshmallows into thins strips width ways. You will probably get around 4-5 pieces per marshmallow depending on how accurate your cutting is. I used a scissors to cut the marshmallows. Dip the sticky side into sprinkles and lay them over your frosted cupcakes. For the middle I stuck an extra thin pretzel into a gumdrop and set it in the middle of the ‘petals’.

If you want to add a jelly worm – I used long worms and cut them in half. Stick the one half on one end and the tail piece on the other side of the cupcake. So it will look as though the worms ‘body’ is in the cupcake with its tail n head sticking out on either side.

I’m sure the kids will love it!



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