Doll Cake tutorial

I had a request on how to make the doll cake. Yes, I did a post on the doll cake with the recipe and how much cake is required but I didn’t include a ‘how to’ decorate a doll cake.

Using fdrdoosting

Using fdrdoosting

So, you will need: a doll, sugar decorations, plastic icing, frosting, piping bags, nozzles. I have 2 versions below – a plastic icing and a frosting version.

What you require will depend on how you want to decorate your doll.

Bake your cake in a doll cake tin or use a serving bowl that is shaped like a dress when turned upside down (which is what I do). The batter for 1 sandwich cake is enough but it will take a longer time to bake due to the shape of the tin.

Once your cake has been baked and cooled completely. Place it on a baking board.

Frost the cake with a thin layer of icing if plastic icing is going to be used.

Take pieces of plastic icing roll into long pieces with the top end thicker than the rest and as you get to the bottom it should get thinner. You will probably need about 7 of these pieces – doing this will resemble the gathers/flow of a dress. Place each piece equi-distant from each other. The pieces will be placed from the top of the ‘skirt’ to the bottom. It will not look very pretty at this point but don’t worry – everything is going to be covered up.

Roll out a piece of plastic icing to the size of a dinner plate and cut. Carefully lift the plastic icing n place carefully over the cake. Use a scissors to trim extras off at the bottom of the ‘dress’. You should have a really nice effect looking like a real ball gown.

If you want to have a second layer as in my picture roll out another piece of plastic icing to a side plate size and cut. Carefully lift and place over the layer that you already have on the cake.

Remove the dolls legs and place in the top centre of the cake. You may need to cut the bikini section of the doll as well and fit it into the plastic icing.

Depending on how you want to decorate the top of the ‘dress’ you may have to decorate before or after. For example: I decorated mine first and left it aside to dry a little whilst I was busy with the ‘skirt’.

Roll a small piece of plastic icing. Measure an approximate amount that you will need for the top. Place on a flat surface, brush with some egg white or water and design as you wish. Leave for a few minutes then very carefully lift and wrap around the doll. You will have to brush the doll with some egg white or water so the ‘top’ sticks on. Excess pieces can be cut using a scissors.

It is best to do this first so it gets enough time to dry.

If you need to add an extra piece of plastic icing around the waist of the doll do this now and use color beads or sprinkles/deco of your choice to cover this.

Cut a piece of cake out of the top centre of the cake so the doll is able to fit in. Fill the spaces with cream. Remove the dolls legs and push through the top centre of the cake making sure it is stable. Frost the cake with a thin layer of icing. Color your icing in the colors of your choice. Cut your piping bag with a hole big enough for the nozzle to fit through. Pipe as desired.

HAT for the doll:

Take 2 pieces of stiff cardboard or use the inside of a roller towel. Cut 2 circles and smaller circle in the middle to the size of the dolls head as it would need to ‘sit’ around the head without falling off. The reason for 2 pieces is so the weight of the decorated hat doesn’t become to heavy. Otherwise, it will fall.

Once you have the cardboard placed on the head then pipe and decorate as required.

If you using plastic icing – cover the cardboard in plastic icing then sit on the head then decorate.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Enjoy it and have fun making this!


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