French Toast with Mushroom Sauce

I remember making this side dish ages ago. I would make it to accompany a chicken dish where the chicken was dipped in brown sugar and cooked over a bed of potatoes. I can’t remember the exact recipe but when I do I’ll definitely post it.

This side dish can go with chicken or beef. It’s the old fashioned french toast with a twist!

1 loaf twisted/plait bread

4 eggs


1/4 cup milk

Whisk the eggs, salt and milk. Slice the bread into medium slices (thicker than a slice of bread). Dip the slices both sides in egg and fry in a lightly greased pan. The recipe is an estimate – depending on the size of your loaf you may need more or less eggs.


1 punnet mushrooms

1 small onion

75g butter



2 Tblsp flour


Melt butter in pot and saute onions. Add mushrooms. Add salt and pepper. When mushrooms are cooked add flour and stir properly. Then add milk a little at a time until you have a sauce.

This is served with the mushroom sauce spooned over the french toast and enjoy.

I am sure that this will be a really great idea for a breakfast dish.


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