Marinated Chops & Chicken

These days life is so hectic and busy that most times we just head out to buy something ready made. I’m just as guilty – every now and then I just want to eat something that someone else worked hard to make.

I usually just buy marinated meat when it comes to having a braai (unless we using braai salt). Only this time I only had unmarinated chops and really felt for saucy braai chops. And no I couldn’t just go to the butchery around the corner. I live in a place where resources are either not available or expensive if they are.

Anyway, here’s a delicious recipe for marinated chops and chicken.


500g chops

1 Tblsp sweet bbq/tandoori wet marinade

1/4 cup maas/yogurt

1 tsp crushed garlic

2 Tblsp tomato sauce (optional)

Mix all the above together. Leave to marinade for a few hours or overnight. Braai.


500g chicken fillet

1 Tblsp chicken tikka/tandoori wet marinade

1/4 cup maas/yogurt

Mix all the above together and leave to marinade until you ready to hit the hot grills. Chicken cooks really quickly. Chicken fillet isn’t always even in thickness so cut the chicken fillet down the centre (to give you 2 thin pieces) for more even cooking.

These recipes can be used for oven grilling too. Steak can also be marinated with the above recipes.

Marinades have salt in it so be sure to always  taste your mixture before adding any salt. The best time to check for salt is after a few hours of marinating time.


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