Caramel Tart


Rich, sweet caramel flavors perfectly layered with coconuty biscuit. This is the same as the usual peppermint tart but I don’t always add the mint chocolate. You can substitute the flake for peppermint crisp or aero mint or any chocolate you prefer.

1 packet tennis biscuit
1 tin caramel treat
250ml fresh cream
Whole nut slab, chopped
Whip the fresh cream till soft peaks form. Mix in the caramel, chopped chocolate and crumble flake. Layer the tennis biscuit into a casserole spread a layer of the caramel mixture and layer biscuit again… Continue to this until the mixture is finished. Refrigerate overnight.
Optional: Cut into slices, remove and place into muffin cups for a neat look. Pipe with fresh cream.
IMG-2014ca9ramel Dessert0630-01412

4 thoughts on “Caramel Tart

  1. Slms I’m really impressed with your recipes. Keepi it up . Can’t wait to try it.

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    • Ws, thanks – this is an old dessert but there’s always a way to spunk things up and have everyone thinking it’s new! 😉 enjoy, leme know if u do try any recipes. Have fun in the kitchen…

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