Grilled Cheese & Chilli Sandwich

A simple toasted sandwich filled with cheese… And the additional filling options are endless… Tomato, onion, cold meat, beef, chicken, chips…

The other day I really felt like having a toasted sandwich – crispy on the outside, cheesy with a good kick of chilli and certainly not dry on the inside.
I was so impressed with this filling – it didn’t dry out the way a toasted cheese usually does and when sliced the cheese just oozed… Hmmm…
Get the following together:
cheese, grated
Red chilli paste
Butter for toasting
Smear a thin layer of mayonnaise on each slice. Sprinkle cheese on 1 slice and smear a tiny bit of the red chilli paste on the other (over the mayo). Close the sandwich. Butter the outside and toast.
Wait a minute or 2 before slicing.
This is soooo good. Flavor, flavor, flavor…
Note: red chilli paste is a mix of crushed red chillies and garlic. It can be bought ready made.

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