How to decorate cookies


Decorating of biscuits can be done by anyone if you put your heart into it. It’s all about trying and digging into your creative side…

I only make fancy biscuits when a special occasion arises or if I have an order.

I’ve been invited for a baby shower and was so looking for an excuse to making some decorated cookies. So I decided to put the biscuits onto sticks and make them into cookie pops. Be all fancy fancy…


You going to need:

Biscuits (see basic biscuit recipe)


Royal icing (see royal icing recipe)

Packets with a fine point

Sugar items to decorate

If you making the cookie pops insert the stick before baking. Once you have baked the biscuits leave it to cool completely. You will need to wet the sticks so it doesn’t burn in the oven.

Melt chocolate in the microwave. It should take a minute – mix. Add a teaspoon of oil so you get a lovely shine on the biscuits. Dip each biscuit into the chocolate, drain off any excess chocolate then leave on wax paper to dry. Any sugar items/nuts/sprinkles/transfers should be done while chocolate is wet so that it sticks on properly and does not fall off.

Once dry then decorate with royal icing. Leave to dry for a few hours. You can design your biscuits any way you like.

Sprinkle glitter dust and there you have it! It’s that simple.

Don’t let a little biscuit and a pretty pattern scare you. Yes, it may take time for your hand to settle and get use to decorating especially straight lines but you will get there!


– cut tiny holes on the piping packets – test and if you need to you can cut a tad bit more. You want fine threads of royal icing which will look neater than a thick thread.

– you’re not limited to using only the items used. It’s limitless. Use sprinkles, colored sugars, cherries, choc chips, nuts, chocolate transfers, decorate with chocolate.



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