Royal Icing

I seem to have only blogged an eggless version of royal icing. Using egg white to make royal icing is easier. It’s about getting your consistency of the icing spot on. I have included pictures with the hope that it will be of benefit to you.

1 egg white

Icing sugar (powdered sugar)

1/4 tsp lemon juice

I didn’t stipulate the amount of icing sugar because it may vary depending on where you are and sometimes the weather may affect it too. Add 1 cup into the egg white and whisk. If you going to use the icing for decorating then drizzle into the bowl and count to ten. If the mixture keeps its form you good to go. If not, add a little more icing sugar until you get the required consistency.


Royal icing colors far more easily than chocolate does. You need a very tiny amount of coloring.


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