Gift Ideas

If you have taken a look at my blog you would have seen pictures of gift trays that I have made. In the Indian community we call it kunchas (done for weddings, engagements or when a baby is born, etc). However, these trays don’t have to be limited to these occasions. It is such a brilliant idea to use for any gift, any time… birthdays, house warming, Valentines Day, anniversaries, etc.

It looks different and unique compared to the ordinary gift wrapped or gift bagged present. There is no rule to wrapping gifts.

These days wrapping paper and gift bags are costly so use your imagination and creativity so you can spend more on your gift and less on the wrapping – it goes into the bin anyways!

I’m not a fan of gift bags/paper for that matter. I prefer to challenge myself – what do I have on hand that will work well, what can I buy instead of paper and bags for a similar/same price or cheaper!

Here are some ideas that I would use and you can do it too:

When you receive a gift in a basket or tray – keep it so you can re-use it for someone else’s gift. You don’t have to keep the squishy paper covering – just the best bits.

Little trinkets, ornaments, beads, lace, etc – keep it to decorate your gifts.

As you may notice I use mirror in most of my trays and gifts. You don’t have to buy this from a retail store – you will pay a fortune. Go to a mirror/glass shop and have them cut it into the size you want (most places will only do rectangular or square but some do cut circles). It is pretty cheap. Ask for off cut pieces or check if the shop keeps small squares. Not all mirror shops keep this – use it to outline your mirror.

This week I will be attending a baby shower. I wasn’t sure how to design my gift. Then I remembered I have plain white boxes on hand which I received a gift in. I sprayed it gold, stuck on some diamantes and feathers on – it looks totally different. (Pictures to follow)

If you need ideas be sure to drop me a message and I’ll do my best to think of a few suggestions for you…

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