Chillies Atchar

The taste of chillies marinated in aromatic masala will make your mouth water… The smell of it will make you salivate wanting to taste it almost immediately – it is addictive!


1 kg long mild green chillies

1 cup methi masala (fenugreek)

1/4 cup coriander powder

1/4 cup cummin powder

2 cups oil

2 Tblsp crushed garlic

3 tsp whole mustard seeds

3 Tblsp salt

400g tamarind

4 cups vinegar

Wash and dry chillies. Remove stems. Slice chillies length ways and slice in half or into thirds (depending on long the chillies are).

On medium heat, using a frying pan/pot add 1/4 cup oil together with the masalas. Let the mixture bubble for a few minutes – you will be able to smell the wonderful aroma that comes from the simmering masalas. Add to chillies.

Take the other 1/4 cup oil and heat in pan – add mustard seeds and crushed garlic. The mustard seeds will splutter and the garlic will turn a light pink color. Then add to chillies. Mix well and add salt last.

Add tamarind and vinegar to pot. Boil until thick and mushy. Add to chilli mixture (through a sieve).

Mix well, cool and bottle.


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