Scrumptious Yellow Potatoes

Sometimes we all get fedup of having the same old dishes we always make and if you like me you end up reading your recipe books over again for ideas and inspiration.

Side dishes I think are at most times the difficult part of completing a meal. This recipe is so delicious and you can serve it as a side dish to any meal. I usually serve it with butter chicken. It smells and tastes delicious.

You will need:

3 – 4 potatoes

A sprinkle of tumeric

A sprinkle of cummin seeds

1/4 green pepper

Salt to taste

Drizzle of oil

Peel, wash and slice potatoes into circles. You want medium slices so you can taste all the goodness.

Drizzle about a tablespoon of oil onto the potatoes, add the tumeric and salt. Layer in a pot, sprinkle the cummin seeds and add the green pepper. Cut the green pepper into chunks.

On a medium heat, pot closed leave the potatoes to reach a light bubble then add about half a cup of water. I like to add the water from one corner so it doesn’t wash of all the seasoning from the top layer of potatoes. Once the water has been added, put the lid on, reduce the heat and leave the potatoes to slow cook until soft.

Sigh, the aroma is beautiful!



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