Lettuce bowl Salad

As Spring approaches us and the warmth blows in our direction, South Africa gets humid and hot! What better way to start our warm Spring days with lite refreshing salads.

Salads are easy, delicious and don’t require a specific recipe. It’s what you like to eat that makes up your special salad.


This is what I had, and decided to put it all together:

Lettuce leaves
Kidney beans, drained
Sliced onion
Olives, chopped 
Cucumber, chopped 
Tomato, chopped 
Feta cheese, crumbled 
Avocado, pieces 
Cracked pepper 
Sardines / tuna 

Wash and dry lettuce leaves well. Leave aside.

Drain liquid from sardines, add chopped onion, tomato, olives, kidney beans and a little chilli – mix with a fork with a few teaspoons of mayonnaise.

Layer salad any way you like. I started with cucumber, the sardine mix, more cucumber, avocado, feta cheese and more kidney beans. Crack pepper over it all.

I didn’t provide measurements as we all have our own preferences of what we would like more or less of.

– This salad is enough as a meal.

– Hand held salad rolls can be made the same way- just lessen the filling, roll up and enjoy.


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