Chocolate Ganache Coconut Cream Pie

No matter how many desserts options you have, you will always find yourself at a cross road when it’s time to make one…

Simple desserts can some times be the most decadent of all. Check this easy little pie out – cute, little bites of pure indulgence…

Tart shells (I used ready made)
180g slab chocolate
1 cup cream
Fresh cream
Roasted almonds, chopped
Vanilla essence

Melt chocolate. Add cream little at a time and mix well. When mixture is cold, fill tart shells to the top. Do not over fill because it will over flow. Leave to set.

When starts are set, whip cream with vanilla and sugar until thick – soft peak stage. Then add coconut and mix well. For about half cup of cream use a quarter cup of dessicated coconut.

Top the tarts to make it look like little pies. Top with the roasted almonds.

Refrigerate. Serve as required.


– You will note that some items have to measurements – that is due to a few things – your tart shell size, how much of cream you like, how much of coconut you like. It’s all about preferences.

– I used mini tart shells, approximately 3/4 cup whipped cream, 1/3 cup coconut. This made 36 mini tarts.

– When topped with cream it will look like mini American pies. (best way to describe it ;))

– You can use the flavour of chocolate thay you prefer. I used Cadbury dairy milk.


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