Burfi Ice Cream – no churn

I will look for any opportunity to try something new…

I have tried many flavours with this easy ice recipe. Strawberry, tin roof, chocolate tin roof, mini magnums, passion-strawberry, mango, apple crumble, pineapple and mixed fruit… AND NOW….

My take on BURFEE ICE CREAM…. I was quite surprised that it tasted so similar to the burfi ice that you would buy in store.

It tastes soooooo good! Nom, nom, nom…

Burfi Ice Cream Recipe :
500ml fresh cream
1 tin condensed milk
2 teaspoons crushed cardamon
2 drops rose essence
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 drops zaffron essence
1 teaspoon cardamon essence (optional)
1 handful roasted almonds, chopped roughly
1 heaped teaspoon milk powder
2 tablespoons lightly toasted coconut
Chopped roasted pecans for the top

Whip fresh cream with all the essences and crushed cardamon till stiff peak stage (lift beaters and it will hold its shape). Make a paste with the milk powder and a little water, add to cream and give one light beat.

Fold condensed milk into the cream. Add chopped almond and fold into mixture.

Pour ice cream mixture into a large loaf tin, container or even a 2L ice cream tub.

Sprinkle coconut and pecans on top. Cover with foil if using a loaf tin or seal with the lid and freeze.



– I used Klim milk powder

– You can use rose water if you don’t have the essence. The rose essence is much more concentrated than the water.

– You could add almonds as your topping too instead of pecan.

– You can adjust the recipe according to your preferences.

– Add a teaspoon of cardamon powder and add more if you like the flavour. The above quantity is not overpowering.

– Add your own twists…. Share your recipe on what you have tried…


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