Samoosa Pastry / Pur

Samoosas are an Indian savoury made of pastry strips which are filled with various types of fillings, sealed then fried into a crispy triangle.

I haven’t met a person whose eyes haven’t lit up just by mentioning the word, SAMOOSAS!!!

Enjoyed by many with preferences of course – varying from mince, potato, peas, veg, cheese, corn, fish and chicken to name a few.

I always tried to fill samoosas when my mum would sit with her pur and filling. I tried and tried – as easy as it looked – gosh, was it tedious!  I would fill a few then give up!

As the years went by, I decided to start making my own samoosas. I was slow at filling each pastry strip at first and as I filled more strips, I got faster.

I would buy ready made pur by the hundreds, fill and sell them by the dozen. The thought of making such large quantities on my own was just too difficult a thought! I did attempt making small batches for home use – it was good and I never in a million years expected it to be that simple!

This year I decided to stop purchasing my pastry and give it a go for the large quantities. So far, it’s quicker than waiting for a pack of frozen pur to thaw!

Go on, try it! It’s easier than you think!

Samoosa Pur:

4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
Cold water

Sift the flour in to a dish. Add salt and stir. Pour in the water to make a dough. Your dough should not be too soft or too firm.

Knead dough well, until smooth. Roll out into a long sausage shape. I weigh each piece, just so each ‘roti’ can be even. Slice pieces of dough and weigh at 60g each. A couple of grams off here and there is fine.

Roll each dough piece into a ball shape and leave aside on a floured surface. Sprinkle flour over all dough balls.

Now roll each piece into a small roti. Do not roll the rotis too thin. Leave each rolled piece of dough onto a floured surface.

Once all the pieces have been rolled out – pour about a cup of oil in a bowl. You will also need flour for sprinkling.

With this recipe you will get 15 balls of dough. Take one roti, smear with oil, then sprinkle with flour. Stack another roti over and continue the oil smearing, flour sprinkling process. Stack one lot with 7 rotis and another with 8 rotis. Do not oil the top roti. Press down lightly with fingers, make sure your surface is well floured and roll into one beeeeg roti.

Place the rolled dough onto a large tray, smear lightly with oil, bake at 180 degrees Celsius until it puffs up. Remove from oven and place onto your work top. Put the next one into the oven.

In the meantime, cut out the edges from all 4 sides. Using a ruler measure your pastry and slice. Open each layer and top one on the other. Thereafter, place into a damp cloth and cover completely.

Your samoosa pastry is now ready to fill. Make a thick paste of flour and water to seal your samoosa when you are done filling.

– halve the recipe if you want to try for the first time. It doesn’t waste too much ingredient.
– Keeping the pastry in damp cloth with keep it moist and prevent it from drying out.
– Samoosa pur and samoosa pastry – same thing!
– 5.5 cm width strips are a perfect size. You could cut it bigger or smaller.
– the height of the pastry will be approximately one ruler measure 30cm.
– You should be able to fill about 6 dozen samoosas with this recipe.
– This pur can be frozen. After opening your pur, stack and wrap in cling film twice. Now it’s ready for the freezer. To use, remove from freezer and place in the fridge to thaw out.




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