Orange/China Fruit Surprise

Refreshing for a hot summer’s day or that pick me up on a cold winter’s day.
Vitamin C packed, juicy oranges … a great, healthy snack to munch on. Only today, I bring it to you with a bit of a twist.
China fruit, a dried plum which goes through processes of dehydration and get coated with sugar and salt (I think) and other things… not the most healthy of snacks.
Now, these 2 get mixed together and kind of like a marmite fan, you either love it or hate it! If you like eating your oranges with salt, you probably will find this yummy.
I was hard hit by the flu and this was something I really did feel for – the funny part was, I haven’t even tried it, let alone knew how to eat this combo!
So, I put the question out there, to the members of the Facebook group, watalotwegot… I received a recipe from Ummi Shaakira, which I have shared with you below. I just added some salt and much more detail to help those who haven’t tried this before.
Either way, it’s definitely worth the experience!
For this super easy snack:
1 Orange
1 China fruit
Pierce the orange with a knife and pop it into the microwave for approximately 30 – 40 seconds. Longer if that’s what takes your fancy…
Cut a small piece of the top of the orange with your knife slanted.
Using the back of your spoon or fork poke into the orange to get it nice and juicy.
Now, you have 2 options:
– push a straw in an sip away…
– push a china fruit and even a bit of salt and enjoy.
You will need that spoon or fork to keep digging into the orange to juice it up. Once you done, slice the orange and eat up!

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