Hot fried chips

Remembering my childhood days, going to a local take away to get a parcel of chips with the works ( by ‘the works’ I mean salt, vinegar, chilli powder and lots of sauces). My siblings and I would just grab our forks and tuck in… yum… I have to admit those days were the best and so were the chips. Now, that same take away is definitely not the same when it comes to the way they used to serve their chips!
I don’t know about you, but every now and then I love a serving of hot chips overloaded with sauces…
The options are endless and I’m sure we all have our crazy mixes of sauces that we enjoy, so, really, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to a saucy overload.
Hot fried chips can be loaded with anything and seems to be in ‘fashion’.
You can load your chips with cheese sauce and chopped fried Macon, or chillies, or gravy and cheese, fried Polony, chopped green peppers and tomatoes… Oh, it’s just endless when it comes to hot potatoes!
But today, I’m going to share with you what my saucy chips were made of….
I added:
Fried potato chips, medium thickness
Seasoned with salt
Squirts of Tomato sauce
Dollops of Mayonnaise
Blobs of Peri-Peri sauce (Steers)
Squirts of Mustard sauce
Mebos sauce
Peel potatoes and slice into thick chips. Fry until soft, remove from oil and drain on paper towels.
Season chips with salt and remove paper towels.
Add all the above sauces onto the hot chips – as much or as little as you like. Serve with slices of buttered bread or get those forks in for a taste sensation. Each bite is different. Delish!

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