Luscious Date Truffles

What a great way to use up leftover dates or just a great idea to have as a healthier option over regular sweets and chocolates.
A few years ago, my parents brought back a box of date truffles from their overseas trip. Cute, little, date deliciousness. Each having a bit of a different taste with it’s rolled topping. I haven’t forgotten about these balls of yum and having loads of dates on hand, I thought what better idea than to search for recipes on how to make it.
This simple snack/dessert goes perfectly with a hot cuppa coffee.
30-40 dates
2 cups black coffee
2 tablespoons crunchie spread
3 handfuls toasted almonds
Remove seeds from dates and place in a dish.
Make coffee and leave to stand 5-10 minutes before pouring it into the dates.
In your food processor, blitz the almonds until you have a ground mixture – it does not have to be powder form, a little texture is good.
In approximately 15 minutes the dates should have softened. Squeeze dates and discard the liquid. Place dates and chocolate spread into food processor and blend until smooth.
Mix the date mixture with the ground almonds until you have a nice thick consistency. Add more nuts if need be.
Place mixture into the fridge until firm enough to roll into balls. Place the rolled balls into the the fridge to firm up if need be. Roll into toasted sesame seeds, dip in chocolate, roll on coconut, chocolate sprinkles, crumbled flake, nuts, etc.
– recipes that I ha e researched online, use cocoa powder – which you can use by replacing the chocolate spread.
– the mixture has to be thick and doughy so squeeze that liquid out properly.
– if your mixture is too soft just keep adding ground nuts until you reach the perfect consistency.
– the almonds and dates mixed together is not a very sweet mixture, adding the chocolate spread take it to another level and that bit of chocolate makes it taste oh so wonderful. But at the same time still not overly sweet.
– you can use nuts that you prefer. Just replace the almonds for what you like.
– make sure the rolled balls are cold before rolling into the toppings you want.
– you can soak the dates in water instead of coffee. Soaking the dates in coffee does not add a heap of flavor to it.
– store in the fridge and serve as and when you need it.
– use this recipe as a guide. You can use as much dates as you like. Adjust the recipe accordingly.

Source: inspired by lots of recipes online

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