Simple Cake Pops



30 September 2017, was National Cupcake Day for kids with cancer…
A great initiative to helping those families whose kids are sufferers. But at the same time, very sad to see the little ones go through such painful times…
So, half way through my cupcake baking marathon, we had a fail! My batch of cupcakes sank – that will teach me to not try new recipes at crucial times!
The cupcakes tasted nice, but I couldn’t take those along to cupcake day… there was no way I was going to trash the stuff either.
Hmmm… Cake pops will do!
Vanilla cake (any flavour cake will do)
Banana fudge frosting (flavour of your choice)
Chocolate for dipping
Desiccated Coconut
Crumble the cake, add a little frosting at a time and mix very well. You can use a food processor or a spoon or get those hands dirty!
The mixture need to be moist enough to form into a ball. So, when you have mixed the cake and frosting, attempt to form a ball with a small amount of your mixture. If it stays together, it’s ready!
Take enough of the mixture to form a ball (the size of a ping pong ball or smaller if you wish). You don’t have to shape these into balls – make a shape that you like.
Place the ready formed balls on a lined tray. When all the balls have been formed, melt a little chocolate, get your sticks ready too.
Dip the top of the stick into the chocolate, (about a centimeter deep into the chocolate), then poke the stick with the chocolate dipped side into the cake ball. Poke the stick in enough to hold the cake and before it can exit the opposite end of the pop.
Place into the fridge or freezer until it is set. This will make it easier when dipping the cake pops into chocolate.
Remove the cake pops from from the fridge/freezer, melt your chocolate – it must be smooth. Let it cool ever so slightly, then dip the cake pop into the chocolate and let the excess chocolate drip off. It will harden almost immediately. Leave the cake pops, cake side down onto wax paper/ baking paper to set. If you would like to sprinkle anything on, you have to be quick. Why not get a friend to help!
I dipped mine in coconut, so as soon as I dipped it into the chocolate, it went straight into the coconut.
Leave in the fridge until you need it. The cake pops can be stored on a tray or in a container with the lid off because moisture can form and the cake pops will get wet.
– do not over load the cake with frosting, otherwise you will be left with a very sweet cake pop which will make it almost inedible.
– you can use milk, white or even dark chocolate to dip your cake in.
– you can let your creative juices flow when it comes to cake pops. It’s so much easier than decorating a cake and so much easier to serve.



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