Croquette Salad

Left over mash – check
Left over roast, chicken or beef – check
How often do we have leftovers laying around and it’s just taking up space in our fridge?
Too often right? Right! And thinking of using it up is sometimes a schlep! So, in the bin it goes… NO!!!
We make croquettes! And no one but you will know it’s the leftovers that everyone didn’t want to eat… happy days… aha!
Croquette Recipe:
1 cup mash
Chicken or beef, diced
Cheese of your choice
1/4 – 1/2 plain flour
1 egg
Flour for coating
Mix the mash, meat and flour together. Add some chilli, chopped green pepper, maybe some leftover rice or anything else that you like.
Take tablespoons full of the mixture, you can stuff a piece of cubed cheese in the center and roll into a ball. The cheese must not be visible. If you prefer, you can add grated cheese to your mixture and omit the cubed pieces.
Roll the balls into flour. Then dip into beaten egg and roll in the breadcrumbs.
Fry in shallow, hot oil. This only takes a few minutes to fry up to a golden ball of deliciousness… yum!
Salad Recipe:
Baby tomatoes
Beetroot, onion and alfalfa sprouts
Candy floss grapes
You can serve this as a savoury snack on it’s own or as a meal with your favourite salad.
– you can use leftover vegetables like butternut, squash or even sweet potato or a mix of the three.
– you may need to add extra flour if your mixture is too wet. The mixture will ‘ve a tad sticky to work with but once you roll it into the flour it will better to work with.

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