Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below binds (but is not limited to) the customer to the following:

If you wish to order biscuits, cookie pops or need kunchas/hampers/gifts made up for you, please use the ‘contact us’ tab. Your query will be responded to as soon as possible. A quote or further queries will be sent to you.

– payment must be made in full for all orders. Once payment has been made your order will be processed.
– no payment will result in no order
– if you require your order on a specific date, please ensure that payment is made on time. Late payments will result in your order not being ready on time.
– if cash is being deposited, you, the customer will be held liable for all bank charges incurred.
– the customer is responsible for all bank charges incurred for payment of a product.

– all orders are for collection only.
– if you wish for your order to be delivered, a cost will be incurred per km.

Cookie pops / biscuits:
– please liaise with us on what it is that you require. We will try our best to provide the best quality and workmanship.
– quotes will be provided as per what you require.

Wedding trays/kunchas/hampers/gift:
– all wrapping of gifts can be done – both edible and non-edible (i.e. clothing, perfume, etc).
– if all products are supplied by the customer, only a charge for wrapping will be incurred.
– if you wish for us to supply all items, the customer will be charged accordingly.

– 2 weeks prior to collection – cancellation of orders will result in a forfeit of 50% of the cost of the product purchased.
– 1 week to day of collection – cancellation will result in a forfeit of 100% of the cost of the product.
– all of the above will be dependent on size of order.



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